Our History

The Boye Family has been in the propane gas business in Broward County for 3 generations.  Needless to say gas and the service tradition run deep here.  Our propane business was built on sound service practices.  Propane safety & customer satisfaction are our top priorities.   

Our principle belief is to consistently provide our customers with great propane or natural gas service, fair prices & the rest will take care of itself.  This principle has worked for Boye's Gas for generations.  Our propane customer base keeps growing without a sales force because our propane work speaks for itself.  No bait and switch, no bull, just straight talk, and the referrals keep coming in.  We always hear "you came highly recommended".

Many new propane gas customers come over because they've just had it with the games so often found at other propane companies.  No one's in business to give propane away, just straight forward honest fair gas prices always prevail.

Boye's Gas always strives to be fair, honest, and consistent with propane or natural gas prices & always will be.  We don't play games with introductory propane prices & gas contracts.  We want you to come aboard, let us provide a gas service that makes you want to stay and tell a friend about Boye's Gas Service.  It's worked this long & we don't plan on changing our simple Boye's formula for success.
Boye's Gas Delivery Trucks 1940's
At Boye's Gas we have been delivering propane gas to South Florida homes and businesses for generations.

Boye's Gas was one the first companies to sell and service gas grills in Fort Lauderdale. 

We have generations of grilling experience.
We do just about anything propane and natural gas related.   Propane & natural gas are awesome ways to go green and save money at the same time, while getting the performance and reliability of gas. 

75% of new homes built across the country have propane or natural gas in them.  There are lots of ways around the house to utilize propane or natural gas. Most are smart like propane gas water heating for abundant hot water, gas clothes drying, and propane gas cooking. Other uses are just fun or convenient or just set your home apart from the norm. 

Boye's gas service can add charm, warmth, or vibrancy to your surroundings with a gas firelogs, natural gas lights, propane tiki torches and fire pits. Nothing can heat a spa like a propane gas spa heater; get that spa heated in minutes. Many large pools need to have a propane gas pool heater to get the job done or as a support role for other types of heaters.